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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

for Lebanon...

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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Lebanese Chant 1...

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Lebanese Flag

For everyone who's been looking for a Lebanese Flag to place on your blog, blogger profile, MSN etc. please save this picture and feel free to use it.

May God bless you all.

Take care.

PS: Thank you Delirious for the image.


It is things like that happening in Lebanon now that proves more innou we're growing up and leaving behind all the responsibility-free life we once had. Before my responsibilities started by looking after myself, my clothes, my toys, then my books then my homework then my grades then my work then my life but now i have to look after MY FAMILY and MY Relatives in particular not to mention friends.

Had to spend all yesterday glued to the TV screen with the phone held between my shoulder and ear because i'm using my hands to speak to people from LEB on my MSN list to get the latest updates and pictures. Felt that i had to call everyone i knew in Leb to make sure they are fine. I talk to my parents every hour to make sure they are fine. I talk to my relatives who are divided into 3 groups in 3 different places in Leb to make sure they are still alive with the bombings above/next to them. Then i would have to play the mediator role to tell each group that the others are ok. Yes too much worrying and RESPONSIBILITY.

It feels really damn frustrating to see all those people dying for no reason but the possibility of a FREE-Lebanon (which we all know is impossible). You feel even worse to see all bridges and transportation connections being ruined like that. It reminded me of the time when i used to ruin my sister's LEGO structure to piss her off!

Donno what to say nor how to express myself but all i know is that i wish that all of you are in good health and may God protect you all and bless you and all those you love and care for. Winshillah all of this would come out with something WORTH all the current suffering of the LEBANON resident people.

Fee aman Allah.