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Saturday, November 04, 2006

Where the boys are...

This article from the New York Times has been circulating the Lebanese blogosphere the past couple of days.

I find the article degrading to all women in Lebanon. This article was written in an extremely shallow level. The ration of women to men being 5:1 might actually be true although there aren't statistics to prove it.

It is obvious that the author of this article, Katherine Zoepf, did not do her homework properly. It seems like this lady simply visited the clubbing districts in order to write this article instead of visiting different areas of Lebanon.

It is a known fact, that many Lebanese women dress "freely" but not all Lebanese women dress that way, and the reason they do dress freely is not to grab attention of the Lebanese men living abroad visiting Lebanon.

This article make women in Lebanon seem so desperate for marriage where in reality, if we are simply going to talk about the women clubbing, most of them are university students and/or career oriented women not so desperate for marriage as they claim. Also, if the author of the article is going to discuss marriage, she should be aware that the average marriage age in Lebanon has gone up to the age of 27 for females, whereas she has interviewed 19 year old girls!

I also find it degrading for men, to place a quote in the article that all men who stay in Lebanon are not-ambitious, have closed mentalities and stay to find a virgin to marry. In my opinion hat quote is hilarious. Many men prefer to stay in Lebanon, in their homeland for their love for it no matter how hard things may get; a lot of men stay in Lebanon instead of travelling to the Gulf countries so that they can continue enjoying the freedom they have there rather than being closed up in Gulf countries; and I think most people are aware of the sexual life available in Lebanon.

I simply find this article repulsive and a waste of paper.

Comments on "Where the boys are..."


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (3:35 PM) : 

When a girl dresses freely, what is she looking for?
I need to know the answer for this question from girls themselves.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (1:04 AM) : 

definetly not you:P
this article is 100% waste of time(the one you talked about ofcourse)
and define freely please...freely as in wearing what a girl wants no matter what it is?! or freely as most of us define as only sexy &revealing clothes?!
according to the one i prefer (the first one) i dress freely because as a 20 years old girl..i like fashion..i'm not a shopoholic but i like to follow certain trends i like...and i never thought of getting a husband while wearing anything...and as a Lebanese girl i agree with Rampurple about marriage not being the first important thing in the Lebanese girl's life...we have careers to build now...we have high degrees to get...we have a life to work on, with or without a man it's not the main issue anymore


Blogger Joumana said ... (3:51 AM) : 

I think this woman has issues with her feminity. She seems not to be able to swallow that middle-eastern women can be more empowered and liberated than she is, not to mention being able to have fun. In her brain that can only mean they're depraved. You can smell the puritan background for miles.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (7:18 AM) : 

When someone does anything freely it is because they like to. NO other reason is there.
When someone dress or think freely and not be bound by any religious thinking, it is because it s that person's decision. Societies that do offer that freedom of speech and dress are happier and more open societies.

Take a look at Saudi Arabia, women Can't dress freely and no one is allowed to think freely either It is Hell there... God became devil and "Mukhabarat" to make your life miserable...


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (2:38 PM) : 

This article is "bullshit" (sorry but "bullshit" seems the best to describe it).
It's degrading for both lebanese women and men.
Men staying in leb not because of lack of ambition but because despite evrything there is lots of fields of work and opportunities, my bro is a doctor and the fact that he's staying in leb not because he's not ambitious but because there's work there.

And women dress freely and go clubbing so what,that doesn't mean they are out there haunting.

The thing is that nobody wants to accept the fact that Lebanon is a country where one can express hisself freely either by dressing, going out bla bla bla...and that lebanese people despite everything happening there, they are sticking to their country and life's going on normally.
They expect us to run away, to get depressed and let go our pleasure for life...in their dreams!

The woman who did this article, did it in a non professionnal way and that's just upsetting!


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