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Saturday, April 15, 2006

Best Wishes ;)

Monday, April 10, 2006

bloggers' meshwar..

my legs! every single little tiny muscle hurts..oh how we cursed him (our tourguide), and oh what an amazing journey it was.
where do i start? at breakfast of course. nidal, our tour guide, let us stop for breakfast only after we promised him that we will go to the washroom immediately after we ordered our food, and each one of us HAD to use the washroom whether we needed it or not!! no room for negotiation.
shortly after that, we arrived at this "little" hill called Jabal Moussa. Looking at it from a few meter distance made it seem like a delicious piece of cake. and oh how wrong we were, right Linalone? ;)
so we had to climb the hill. which was a complete hilarious utter failure. and because of that i unfortunately have to say "thank God for men", for without them we would still be trying hard to make it up that "little" hill.
i have not seen anything as beautiful..or divine..or peaceful. the fog, the flowers, the trees, the dew, the bells of the herd, the chirping of the birds..seriously, it was breathtaking.it felt as though we were intruding and nature's serenity, and everything became most glorious when we were silent (well, actually we were ordered to remain so, at first i didn't get it, but then it all made sense).
surely, shortly after that (we've been walking for a few hours) things became literally painful, and we really wanted it to be over, Eve? Jamal and Asaad (how are your ankles?!)? I admit that I was cursing a bit on the way down, together with my german/turkish new friend who was tripping every few seconds, just like the rest of us, it was hilarious. he was cursing too, I guess that's how we ended up fighting our way downhill,together.
all in all, it was amazing! i don't have a picture of all the bloggers who were there, but if someone does please post some (make sure we all look kinda decent please!)..