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Friday, June 02, 2006

cat fight

scene: I'm on the way into my building entrance. carrying a huge pile of empty boxes cos i'm moving. I bump into my neighbor, she lives directly below me. we moved in at the same time, even hung out at first. then suddenly she just stopped calling. she used to date one of the guys in the group and that probably made her feel uncomfortable. i start a conversation.

- hi X
- hiiiii ma 3riftik!
- immm (maybe cos you havent called in 4 years?)..keefik?
- nis7aneh inteh!
- imm yimken (really??? thanks for telling me i had no idea)
- la2 3an jadd nis7aneh (i want to rub it in some more)
- eh bass its weird you say so cos my weight hasnt changed in the last 4 years (4 years..hint hint? and even if it did over my dead body i'm not telling you)
- yeah bass there's something different (akeed nes7aneeeeeehhhhh)
- eh maybe cos I'm tired..I'm finishing up packing moving (tab khalas masheena get over it, ba3dein iza ana nes7aneh inti shou?!)
- khay that's the best thing you would do (you're too noisy thank god i'll get rid of you)
- yeah i know (i swear there was nothing going on between me and your ex, we were just friends, and he told me that you think i'm noisy which is SO NOT TRUE)
- i'm thinking of going back to lebanon (i know you had a fling with XY so stop pretending)
- oh yeah? that's a big decision (you hear the clock ticking dont you)..dont you like it here?
- yeah but if i'm gonna go back it has to be now..it's now or never (i need to get married have kids shou baddik yeneh 3annis?)
- good luck then (eh yalla nontor l3arees, thanks for helping with those boxes!)
- see you (not)
- see you (not)