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Friday, March 17, 2006

please enter your password..

I recieved the most amazing email yesterday. A lady "from back home", stumbled upon my blog by chance while reading a comment i wrote in another. she actually enjoyed reading my ramblings and even felt connected with some of them. I was really positively happily surprised. But this is not the issue here. As it turns out, we're from the same place, and we have met before, on several occassions like weddings (don't like weddings) and dinner parties (love good food). Places where I "had to" be to get my parents off my chest (you're going like this?! aren't you gonna get your hair done at least?? put some lipstick for God's sake), all dressed up in painful high heals so not to embarrass my poor mom, when if it was up to me I would have gone with no shoes at all, especially if it's a summer party in the garden, or on the swimming pool terrace (that's where "cool" Lebanese wedding parties are set, and sometimes the actual ceremonies--yeah, i know).
My point is, you go to those places, and have meaningless five minute conversations with other human beings, both of you thinking that there is no way on earth there's something in common between you and them. and then you get this email, from someone you think of as a none-in-common-but-nice person, and as it turns out, you both touched each other in a way that would probably not have happened back at the cocktail party.

so, what's the moral of the story..God bless the internet? slightly..I've been exposed to so many daring creative meaningful ideas here that it's made a significant difference to the way i think. I even shamefully admit that without this i may have missed out on getting to know how my brother and my dear cousin felt about certain issues. but more so, why can't we have more of this in real time? why don't we give each other a chance to evolve when we're literally face to face. I'm not saying that we never do. I guess what i'm saying is that i'm learning to look closer and deeper, and sometimes just simply look in a direction that i haven't looked before.
let's do it, people!
and thank you, Mme O.

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Blogger Eve said ... (2:56 AM) : 

I guess that in real life, you cannot escape from certain prejudgements in general: "why is he/she talking like that? there must be some ulterior motives etc.", whereas when you read someone's blog, you know he's mostly not twisting his words for some particular purpose. blogs are supposed to be the true reflection of what we really are; it greatly reduces the time we dedicate for formalities in real life.

Personally, I know that what I thought was friendship with some people has turned into a real one, once they started to read my blog, and I theirs (in case they had one).


Blogger Odette said ... (5:22 AM) : 

So many times in life we fall into the trap of prejudging people by their color,nationalities,religion ,social standing ,etc or age for that matter.
Mnay years ago I would never have thought I would gain knowledge from the keen observation of a child,or have anything in common or relate to a bunch of trans-continent heavy-weight truck drivers on a ferry boat!
How I have related and learned from the earthy wisdom of uneducated men and women ;or from a prisoner who experienced the pain of crime and punishment.To enrich our lives as human beings;
Yes ..we have to keep looking closer and deeper and from different perpectives.


Blogger raed said ... (2:42 AM) : 

It’s really interesting when we really look deeper into those little things in our lives that we usually take for granted... Concerning your post, I agree that it has to do with prejudgment but I also think that it can be accomplished... we just need to give less importance to the norms, protocols and etiquette for a while...

To answer your question: "why can't we have more of this in real time"... or real life... I guess because it’s not so "real" after all.


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