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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Lebanese bloggers meet

You can let go of my arm now Delirious, I'm writing it!

Yesterday saw 3 eminent representatives of AD-LIBanaises (Eve, Public Relations; Delirious, Communications Desk; and myself, Foreign Affairs) enjoying a new bloggers' meet in The Coffee, Monnot, recommended by one Maldoror who clearly wished to save his energy to be the life of the party, given he lives around the block. There were familiar faces, such as Ahmad - to me the only familiar face bar the aforementioned 4 – and a great deal of new blood: Nabil (Nobilis), Michael Totten, Charles, François, and I'm terribly sorry but I can't remember the names of the others though I do remember faces and conversations. The point is, that was a lot of guys for only three attending women, but Eve and Delirious smoothly hosted talks and innocently shuffled the seats every now and then. Which as far as breaking up political discussions went, was an inefficient tactic to say the least. At least we managed to keep the sugar out of Maldoror's hands.
From the look of things though, we'll need to plan the next meet at a stadium or some other place that can handle us all.

Comments on "Lebanese bloggers meet"


Blogger Eve said ... (8:43 AM) : 

I like the "innocently shuffled..." nicely put :p

khalas, next meeting will be gheir shekel ;) a whole new perspective for blogger meetings!


Blogger callipyge said ... (9:21 AM) : 

Plan one for June!! and I might also be stopping by in April or in May (pending on when I get my green card).
I'd love to meet y'all.


Blogger Zanzounito said ... (3:59 PM) : 

hey, why wasn't I invited???


Blogger Delirious said ... (10:35 PM) : 

Callipygeuuuuuu ~ On t'attend impatiemmentttttttttttt!!

Zanzounito ~ The invitation was open to all Lebanese bloggers!


Blogger Zanzounito said ... (11:41 PM) : 

awww..gee...thanks :)


Blogger Delirious said ... (4:36 AM) : 

Don't worry Zanzounito, AD-LIBanaises were properly represented by Joumana, Eve, and yours truly :)

Yalla, when will you come to Lebanon so that we can organize a meetup with you?

You know what? I wonder if someday all the AD-LIBanaises contributors will get to meet in person in the same place at the same time... That'd be cool!


Blogger Zanzounito said ... (6:26 PM) : 

I was in Lebanon for 3 months last summer, but I have no idea when I will return. If any of y'all have an urge to visit Texas, know that you have someone here to honky tonk with!


Blogger aroundtheclock24_7 said ... (9:38 PM) : 

... and if someone visits UAE i will be more than glad to meet with you and help you around here ;)


Blogger Maldoror said ... (4:50 AM) : 

Is it safe to post a comment in here?! :)
Well, keeping the sugar away from me won't be such an easy task Mana :P
We should be thinking of a better place to meet, well, it is about time to propose an activity as well :P You girls are good at it! Why don't you come up with something! :)
I should save my energy indeed. A blogger meeting without my energy, is like a cup of tea without sugar :)
But then, to renew all my energy, I am in desperate need of meditation to communicate with my inner soul. What better way of achieving this goal than a conversation with a wushu master :P
When I start talking, I can't stop! Oh, and by the way Eve, this is my comment on AD-Libanaises :P You can let go of my hand now :P (As a charismatic person once said on a similar occasion!)
I will be back!...


Blogger Maldoror said ... (4:52 AM) : 

P.S: The "I will be back" sentence, signals the start of a new and extremely short paragraph :)


Blogger Eve said ... (6:27 AM) : 

Maldo, 7ill 3anneh, still mish tay2etak :pp


Blogger Joumana said ... (7:18 AM) : 

Maldo,the "wushu master" will take you on anytime, but I suggest you write a will first ;)


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