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Sunday, January 01, 2006

A New Year Wish

I wish this will be the year when our country's legislation will cease to be so blatently sexist and will allow Lebanese women to be rightful holders/transmitters of their citizenship.
Perhaps, then, my passport will mean a little more than just the visa it is right now.

Some people have given me shit for saying things like that or thinking this way and that my love for the motherland should supersede my selfish interests. Yeah, well, I love Lebanon's soil, I love my fellow countrypeople, I love the smells, sights, sounds of it all. But I'll have no respect whatsoever for ANY Lebanese governing institution or politician so long as they'll have none for me.

So let them keep their precious little booklets and papers. Mine sit at the bottom of a dusty drawer, while the French version is neatly put away. I don't necessarily like France better than Lebanon. But France, at least, does not treat me like a meaningless second class citizen.

Yes ladies. If you don't have the power to bring your loved ones into the Lebanese tribe, then you're a second class citizen. You're still cute, sexy, fun, smart, intelligent, a contributor to the country's GDP, a voter and so forth. But you have no say in the admissions process. Part of the system and all that.

How utterly depressing.
Happy New year.

Comments on "A New Year Wish"


Blogger La La said ... (3:28 AM) : 

Applause! Standing Ovation!


Blogger Eve said ... (12:36 PM) : 

there's something else kamein. I think I've said it somewhere in LBF before, but I'll repeat it here quand meme, becoz it pisses me off kteeeeer:
why is it that when a married couple have a divorce, it's always the husband that gets the children? Girls, women are treated like queens in other legislations!


Blogger callipyge said ... (12:56 PM) : 

Because our laws are sexist and want to discourage women from thinking for themselves. They encourage women to stay in unhappy marriage in order to stay with their children.
Because this is a tribe and we are just good enough to carry babies to term and raise them, as long as we obey tribal laws.


Blogger Fouad said ... (5:50 PM) : 

You have no idea how much I relate to that callipyge. You just have no idea...


Blogger callipyge said ... (8:33 PM) : 

Tell me more Fouad. You made me curious.


Blogger [ j i m m y ] said ... (10:18 PM) : 

callipyge i understand your suffering. we still have a long way to go to be a modern civilized country. our legislation doesn't even endorse civil marriage.

C-I-V-I-L marriage.

easy as that.
if you're not a believer, you don't get married.

happy new year to all of you AD-LIB girls.


Blogger lessbanese said ... (10:59 PM) : 

Applause!!! Standing Ovation!!! for the Republic of Lebanon...
We already gave you the right to vote in the fifties, now you want to pass citizenship!!! Dont you have more urgent matters to deal with. like what to cook for dinner?
I love and respect all of you guys whether you are
lebanese-lebanese, french american canadian etc.....-lebanese
you are among the few good things that ever happened to Lebanon.
On a different level , have you ever noticed how corruption and primitive sexist laws come hand in hand in Lebanon? Talal bin Walid whatever his name is, wasn't granted his citizenship by his lebanese mum, but gess how? by a special presidential present!!!!!


Blogger Assaad said ... (2:18 PM) : 

callipyge : sorry for the late comment on your post but i do support you and your point of view : our laws need to be more modern....
Yes, women don't have all their rights in our Country... This is the silly system we are suffering from.
(btw, you have the french passeport like me ;) )
Eve : what you are mentioning is due to a complicated religious process which is unhuman. Childrens must live with their moms in case there is a divorce... also a silly system...


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