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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Pity The Nation That Raises Not Its Voice Save When It Walks In A Funeral

Eve and I went down to Place de l'Etoile and An Nahar building yesterday, and she took these pictures. You can find more of them here.

Gebran Tueni used to say he admired Che Guevara for his character, for defending till the end the cause he believed in. Che Guevara died for a cause in a country that was not his, Gebran died for a cause that was his. Or was it? What or who did Gebran die for exactly? Those teenagers who were waving yesterday the flags of the different parties they belong to and chanting "Killon 3indon rou2assa w ni7na 3inna 7mar"? Those others who were cursing Syria, using cheap blasphemy and jokes before the remains of a man who was much greater than that?This Shi'ite man who told me this morning: "I hated his guts because he hated all Muslims"? The dazed and bewildered men and women who walked silently holding his picture high, numb with grief? His toddlers Nadia and Gabriella, for whom he wanted to offer a better Lebanon? His wife, Siham, whom he loved so dearly, or his two daughters Michelle and Nayla, the "eye of AnNahar that will never rest until the assassins are found and freedom is attained"? His father Ghassan, who buried yesterday his last remaining child with stoicism and dignity?
Gebran Tueni belonged to that special breed of people who follow their ideals and adhere to their principles no matter what it costs them. We, the Lebanese people, do not deserve to have such a person among us, for we do not appreciate their value. We, the Lebanese people, deserve what is happening to us because we are not taking action. We, the Lebanese bloggers are only good for raving and ranting, hidden behind our nom de plume, nom de guerre, or whatever. After crying our hearts out, chanting our slogans, and promising the latest martyr "We will never forget you, you will always live in our hearts"... we go back to our daily lives, the sun continues to shine, and life goes on.
Tayyeb W BA3DEIN?

Comments on "Pity The Nation That Raises Not Its Voice Save When It Walks In A Funeral"


Blogger Eve said ... (12:05 PM) : 

I think the Lebanese bloggers can play an huge role, if only they make it to the media. the amount of stuff written in the blogoshpere can't be under-estimated, and it has the capacity of shaping views & opinions, on the long term. the logic step would be to find a reporter who would shed light on the bloggers, and introduce the Lebanese community to them. it may not be much, but it's something 3ala 2add el 7al.


Anonymous francois said ... (2:28 PM) : 

the bloggers should put their picture and sign under their real name

people who manifestated the 14 of march were fighting for freedom and among freedom there s the freedom of opinion


Anonymous Divina said ... (9:33 AM) : 

14/8/1982: "Bachir, Hay fina!"
14/2/2005: "Birrouh! Biddam! Nafdik ya Rafic!", "Abou Bahaa!"...,
12/12/2005: "Birrouh! Biddam! Nafdik ya Gebran!", "Gebran, hay fina!",....
W baadna matrahna, waiting for the next martyr! Freedom of thought, freedom of opinion, whatever, Lebanese people are nothing but the mouthpiece of political, cultural, ideological and religious IGNORANCE.


Blogger Eve said ... (11:58 AM) : 

saraha, I'm not fond of generalizations: "Lebanese people are this and that"... even if it comes out of a mouth of a Lebanese himself (actually this case is even worse!). each one of us is trying. Halla2 if one expects that our mere efforts "rah thedd jbeil w tkasser el dineh" in one overnight, just like in patriotic songs, then one is living in a fantasy world.
divina, in case you're Lebanese, let me ask you: w inteh, how are you planning to act?


Blogger Assaad said ... (5:00 AM) : 

Del : Nice article... w ba3dein ! If you intend to continue the movement, you must help the way you can and as much as you can... You can't stop your daily life, you continue it and you help... with what you write...

Eve : do you think that media will listen to us (It is to know how can we influence media)? or in this case, how do you think that our voices will be heard and listened.... People are afraid ya Eve!

François : I agree and will do it. Who is for publishing his pic and name ?

Divina : Hayda baladna... you didn't hear some saying : "Allah Nasrallah wel Da7ye kella ?"
Lebnein Ghane bel diversity of religions and opinions. Weither we support it and we act for it or we forget it..


Anonymous francois said ... (12:21 AM) : 

most of the people manifestated to be free, to reach freedom

the killers are trying to shut down this freedom

to answer u i m publishing my pict and name on my blog , i dont care ;)

i m publishing it whatever are my thoughs or opinion , we fighted also to release freedom of speech and opinion

blogs are new mass media ways , everyone can be his own journalist.
we can lie, being wrong or being right, but we dont have the right to hide ourself


Blogger Assaad said ... (1:41 AM) : 

I agree with you François, my name is now published, my pic will follow tonight.....


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