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Friday, January 13, 2006

Of Bias and Prejudice

Sometimes I wonder about people. Really. How does one get so obtuse? Are you born with it or is it acquired?
There's this hunk of a coworker of mine. 30 years old. All muscles and no brain.
He came up with a wonderfully Freudian hypothesis about another coworker of ours - which neither of us can stand by the way, but that's another story. She's 35, single, and without an ounce of humor in her body (she pretends she is the best thing that happened since Bill Cosby, but she fools no one - elle est vraiment insupportable!). A bit on the short side, with short hair and no taste in clothes.
But I digress.
So his hypothesis is that this girl is a lesbian. Why? Well not only because she is a single woman with short hair, but also because she talks to him while looking him straight in the eye (!!!). In his opinion, women should talk to guys they don't know with a bit of shyness, and it bothers him that she is so blunt and direct. And this - in his dictionary - makes her a lesbian!
He was so adamant about it that he didn't even listen to what I had to say about the matter, and I couldn't argue further with him because the woman in question walked in abruptly.
So - what do y'all think about this?

Comments on "Of Bias and Prejudice"


Blogger Rampurple said ... (1:11 AM) : 

i think thats the funniest i heard in a while!

oh wait... that puts me in the lesbian category... i dont shy away from men one bit... oh but i have started to grow out my hair ... its no longer short.. almost shoulder lenght (i am so proud of myself of shying away from a pair of scissors lol ) ... so am i still categorized as a lesbo in his book?

seriously now, this guys problem is that he isn't too macho. A guy who is intimidated by a girl means that he is not too sure of his masculinaty. I am a strong and independant woman and i look for a man who is stronger than i am (i am old fashioned in that sense).. i look down at guys who are intimidated by me...


Blogger Joumana said ... (6:26 AM) : 

This guy has issues with his own virility, I garantee it! I'm pissing myself laughing here. Ya haram!


Blogger Zanzounito said ... (9:01 AM) : 

the guy is pissed that noone is looking at his body that he has worked so hard to get and he also starts rumors, l-o-s-e-r.


Blogger Eve said ... (11:11 AM) : 

Akh, I got one of the same kind at the office! same oh-i-am-irresistible attitude. and we're on that "blunt and direct" basis 24/7. girls, you can't imagine the things I have to listen to everyday... so embarassing (e.g.: I have this small bouncing ball at my desk, more like a yo-yo; he comes to me and says: Eve, stop playing with this ball, you'll have that chance after you get married)!!! and the worse thing is: everyone thinks he's cute, and that our daily-hatred scenes are funny! Grrrrr!
So, to answer your question Del, obtusness is acquired, by the second! even as we speak!


Blogger EMARAT JABAL SHAMMAR said ... (4:25 AM) : 



Blogger zwixo said ... (12:14 PM) : 

allah yse3dik beyn hal tneyn...


Anonymous nour adra said ... (6:24 AM) : 

yalli ma yital al 3inab, 7amidann
3annah yigoul, maybe that's the case

but since u said it:
...All muscles and no brain.
that explains

fal yakon (let it be).


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10:35 PM) : 

Well she may be a lesbian. But to know for sure, you need to flirt with her!


Blogger Jamal said ... (7:54 AM) : 

He's gay, not that there's anything wrong with that.


Blogger linalone said ... (1:28 AM) : 

I will be a perfect lesbo to him too. Very short hair, masculin clothes, don't care about my look!! That's nice.
I've been accused of being so when i was in a girl school. People doesn't accept that you are different. Let them go to hell and think whatever they want.
And after all, is it his problem if she is lesbian?


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (4:49 PM) : 

Mmmmh. I don't think I like the guy. But I also think sometimes the line between intuition and prejudice is very thin... It could happends that with a small sign you can perceive something that it is true, even when it looks like a prejudice.

What I'm saying is that the signs are not enough to make such an statement, but on the other hand, he is probably trying to find a rational explanation to what he feels about her. I have to say that sometimes we have a perception about someone which have no explanations... but it came up to be true, although it sounds stupid when you try to explain it...

Men could have intuition too...


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